It’s widely known that YouTube hosts a multitude of copyrighted videos. For those interested in downloading YouTube videos, the quest for a free YouTube to mp4 converter free has likely been pursued. Regrettably, the majority of outcomes tend to be dubious or even perilous. 

However, worry not! We have identified several reliable alternatives to convert your preferred YouTube content into MP4 format, all while safeguarding your computer’s security and your privacy. In this article, we will guide you through some of the finest free options for swift video downloads.

What is a YouTube to mp4 converter online? 

 YouTube to mp4

To begin with, it’s important to grasp the concept of a YouTube to MP4 video converter. This tool facilitates the downloading of high-definition videos from YouTube. 

Utilizing a youtube to mp4 converter free simplifies the process of archiving your preferred YouTube podcasts, live audio streams, and movies in MP4 format. The flexibility to contain several types of media data, including text, music, video, and photos, is the MP4 format’s main feature. Although keeping comparatively small file sizes for both movies and photos, MP4 benefits from high definition quality. 

The majority of youtube to mp4 converter online follow a similar operational pattern, differing mainly in the features they offer. All you need to do is copy the YouTube link, select the desired MP4 format settings, and allow the software to manage the downloading and conversion of the video from YouTube. 

The Legal Implications of youtube to mp4 converter online: 

It is important to note that employing youtube to mp4 converter online for your personal usage does not constitute any legal wrongdoing. However, should you intend to profit from the converted content or share it publicly, it is imperative that you possess the necessary rights to the videos, images, and textual materials involved. 

Engaging MP4 converters with copyrighted materials and subsequently deriving gains from them would venture beyond the confines of legality and potentially give rise to contentious matters.

How to Efficiently Batch Convert YouTube Videos to MP4 on Windows:

YouTube Videos to MP4 on Windows

For swift and bulk conversion of YouTube videos to MP4 format on Windows, Cisdem Video Converter emerges as the top choice in terms of both safety and performance. This remarkable software enables the seamless conversion of multiple YouTube videos while preserving their high quality. Any YouTube URL fed into the tool can be swiftly transformed into MP4 format. In addition to its youtube to mp4 trim capabilities on Windows, the converter boasts compatibility with over 1000 input websites and offers more than 300 output formats. 

Follow these steps to proceed: 

  • Acquire Cisdem Video Converter: If you’re a Windows user, download youtube to mp4 on the PC version provided below. Proceed to install the software and launch it.
  • Add Desired YouTube Videos: Copy the YouTube URL of the video you wish to download. Navigate to the “download youtube to mp4” interface within the software and paste the URL into the designated text box at the bottom.
  • Analyze and Assemble: Initiate the analysis of the video by clicking the “+” icon. You have the convenience of adding multiple YouTube videos to the download list concurrently.
  • Perform Batch MP4 Conversion: Opt for MP4 as the desired output format and select the preferred resolution. Trigger the downloading of YouTube videos in MP4 format by clicking the “download” icon. 

Pro Tip:

For further customization of MP4 parameters or for converting YouTube videos to alternative digital formats, you can effortlessly drag and drop your downloaded YouTube content into the “Convert” interface. This feature allows you to explore additional conversion and editing options.

How to Convert YouTube Video to MP4 for Free on Windows Using VLC: 

YouTube Video to MP4 for Free

Many are unaware that VLC serves not only as a video player but also as a versatile youtube to mp4 converter free on multiple platforms, including Windows. It has the capability to both play and download youtube to mp4 videos from a variety of sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Liveleak, BBC, Twitch, and more. However, while VLC can convert YouTube videos to MP4 on Windows, it’s worth noting that it’s not a specialized video youtube to mp4 downloader. It lacks batch download features, and the conversion speed for youtube to mp4 trim on Windows might be slightly slower. 

Here’s how to perform the conversion: 

  • Obtain the link of the desired YouTube video.
  • Launch VLC Media Player.
  • Navigate to “Media” and select “Open Network Stream.”
  • Paste the YouTube video link into the Network Protocol field.
  • Click the arrow beside “Play” and opt for “Stream.”
  • When the “Stream Output” window appears, proceed by clicking “Next.”
  • Select “Add > Browse” to designate the destination for the file and give it a name. Afterward, click “Next.”
  • From the Profile drop-down menu, choose “Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)” and press “Next.”
  • Finally, click “Stream” to initiate the conversion of the YouTube video to MP4 format.

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 on Windows Using Online Tools

Convert YouTube videos to MP4 format on Windows through online tools is a hassle-free way to achieve your goal. These online services eliminate the need for software installation, making the process efficient and straightforward. However, it’s important to note that while online converters are convenient, they might not support bulk downloads and might have certain safety considerations compared to dedicated applications. If you’re seeking a reliable free online convert youtube to mp4 trim for Windows, below are two options for you to explore. 

Option 1: Y2mate


Y2mate remains a popular choice for YouTube video conversion, despite its original site being blocked. Mirror sites like offer a similar experience. This platform hosts a vast array of YouTube videos, and you can easily locate your desired video through keyword searches. Y2mate stands out by supporting the download of 4k YouTube videos in multiple formats including MP4, MP3, and WebM. 

Here’s how to use Y2mate:

  • Copy the YouTube video link that you want to convert.
  • Visit in your web browser.
  • Paste the copied link into the designated text box and click “Start”.
  • Initiate the link analysis by selecting “download youtube to mp4 video”.
  • Choose the MP4 format and customize the quality and file size according to your preferences.
  • Under the Action section, click “DOWNLOAD”.
  • In the pop-up dialog, click the “DOWNLOAD” button.

Option 2:, an established platform, provides another avenue to convert YouTube videos to MP4 on Windows. This tool supports a wide range of video-sharing websites, beyond YouTube, including Facebook, Ted, VK, Funnyordie, Gametrailers, and Godtube. Notably, it doesn’t support 4k video download youtube to mp4. The platform offers various output formats, including one video format and six audio formats. Additionally, this online youtube to mp4 converter free allows you to convert video files and even record videos. 

Here’s how to use

  • Ensure you have the YouTube video link you intend to convert.
  • Navigate to in your web browser.
  • Click on “CONVERT A VIDEO LINK”.
  • Paste the copied link into a specific field.
  • Select MP4 as the desired output video format and click “START”.
  • Once the conversion process is complete, click “Download”.
  • Note: If you intend to store the converted MP4 video on a smartphone or tablet, you can scan the provided QR code.

By utilizing these online tools, you can effortlessly convert YouTube videos to MP4 format on your Windows device, allowing you to enjoy your content conveniently.

How to Convert YouTube to MP4 on Windows Using Command Prompt:

  • The Command Prompt should be launched after installing youtube-dl on your Windows machine.
  • Locate the YouTube video you want to convert, and the copy its URL.
  • Insert the following command within the Command Prompt: youtube-dl [YouTube video URL] -f mp4.

Replace [YouTube video URL] with the actual YouTube link. For example:

youtube-dl -f mp4.

  • Initiate the download and conversion by pressing the “Enter” key.” 

Please note that this information is true up until September 2021, and there may have been developments or modifications since that time. Always make sure you are adhering to the terms of service and any applicable laws while utilizing tools and techniques.


Finally, you now have the knowledge necessary to use four different programs to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format on a Windows computer. Three choices stand out among them as free YouTube to MP4 converters. VLC emerges as the most secure choice, while the online converter offers the advantage of not requiring installation. These two free alternatives are particularly well-suited for beginners, whereas the command-line tool may present a steeper learning curve. On the other hand, Cisdem Video Converter comes at a cost but offers a secure, user-friendly experience, enabling you to effortlessly transform any YouTube link into an MP4 file.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the recommended platform for converting YouTube to MP4?

Despite its abundance of advertisements and limitations on bulk video downloads, Y2mate takes the lead due to its ability to handle 4k video downloads.

Can I capture and save YouTube videos as MP4 files on Windows?

Certainly. The pre-installed Camera app on Windows computers allows for the direct recording of YouTube videos in MP4 format. Additionally, you have the option to employ online screen recording tools or third-party applications such as OBS Studio, Camtasia, Bandicam, and Camtasia.

Is it possible to download age-restricted YouTube content in MP4 format?

4K Video youtube to mp4 downloader possesses the capability to bypass age restrictions, but we strongly advise against doing so. YouTube implements age restrictions to safeguard minors under the age of 18 from potentially inappropriate content.

Does converting YouTube video songs to MP4 format violate copyright laws?

Although converting and downloading YouTube songs to MP4 does contravene the YouTube user agreement, it doesn’t necessarily breach copyright laws unless the intention is for commercial purposes.

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