SewaSetu: Connecting the Technology


 In a total in which connectivity is key, technological progress is an important tool in connecting gaps and promoting inclusion. One such innovative enterprise is SewaSetu, a project designed to leverage skill to decorate the availability of expert services and benefits for people in India. SewaSetu, which takes to Bond of Service, represents the fusion of innovation and public service, talented to transform power and direction.

What is SewaSetu?

The Sewasetu portal is an online platform launched by the government of Assam for senior citizens to easily access government services.  Moreover, the portal allows citizens can simply access a variety of services involving bank details, land services, related online bill pay, learning licenses, and others.

At its center, SewaSetu operates at the rule of inclusive, motivated to make sure that compact groups and remote sections are situated left at the back of the near revolution. By setting up virtual links of connectivity, SewaSetu endeavors to cope with the remaining-mile transport hard conditions that commonly prevent access to vital services, good systems, and powers.

Pillars of SewaSetu

Digital Structure: 

Central to the success of SewaSetu is the traditional order of healthy near structure, which includes extreme step internet connectivity and digital transporter transport facilities. These services serve as centers for having access to an inclusive range of government help, ranging from the creation and use of self-files to reward good returns.

Mobile Accessibility: 

Knowing the ever-current nature of the cellular period, SewaSetu seats a healthy stress on accessibility. Through trusted mobile applications and alerts on the websites, people can simply get admission to expert’s offerings using their smartphones, so removing limits connected to the physical becomes the right of access to and forms.

Citizen-Central Approach: 

SewaSetu accepts a citizen-central practice, in which the needs and changes of people are listed inside the design and transport of services. User-friendly borders, multi-support, and modifications help ensure that each citizen can direct the practical settings easily and confidently.

Interoperable Systems: 

To improve performance and update plans, SewaSetu promotes interoperability between many powers that are departments and works. By mixing different constructions and files, jobless office work and stays are less, allowing fast and whole-worker transfer.

Process for Access Sewa Setu services:


1. Visit the official website on

2. Click on login and click on the Register option

3. You will transfer to the ‘E-pramaan’ website and

4. If you already have an E-pramaan account, you can fill in the details and link your bank accounts

5. But if you don’t have an account on E-pramaan then you will register on the first. Following that the enter required info like a phone and ID proof. Then you will get your E-pramaan account details.

6. Link those details on the Sewasetu portal.

7. Finally, you Log in to the Sewasetu portal and further select any option for the service you are seeking, such as transporting, online bill payment, certificate, and other services.

e-pramaan is a single sign-on service for the people of Assam. This makes an ID-proof text that links the accounts of people in all government services.

Impact of SewaSetu:

SewaSetu, a government designed to provide all-in-one access to public services, has made an important impact on the lives of citizens. With its user-friendly border and updated processes, SewaSetu has transformed the way people relate to government services.

  • One of the key impacts of SewaSetu is the reduction in official sprints and paperwork. Citizens do not generally have to stand in long lines or fill ready many forms to benefit themselves from important services.
  • In its place, they can access these services online or done SewaSetu centres accessible located in their communities.
  • Overall, SewaSetu has allowed people to make public services more open, effective, and clear. 
  • It has transformed the power land and set a target for other enterprises training to bridge the gap between citizens and the government.

Services Of Sewasetu Portal

SewaSetu is a portal launched by the Assam government to provide various citizen-centric services online.

  • The platform aims to update government services and make them easily available to the people of Assam.
  • Some of the key facilities offered through SewaSetu include online applications for various government schemes, online bill payment, including caste certificates, and access to important government notices and updates.
  • Through SewaSetu, citizens can save time and effort by completing tasks from the comfort of their homes.
  • The portal is planned to promote photos, productivity, and ease in the delivery of government services.


SewaSetu is a skill-obsessed project in India that goals to connect gaps and promote addiction by skills to provide expert services. The online portal, launched by the Assam government, offers a variety of services such as bank details, land services, online bill payments, and more, focused on certifying all citizens have access to essential government services. Highlights digital setup, mobile availability, citizen-central style, and systems to improve service delivery. By reforming processes and reducing paperwork, SewaSetu has had an important impact on improving access and productivity in government services, setting a standard for other creatives to follow suit.

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