Navigating the Digital Healthcare Frontier: Pharma Companies at the Crossroads

Digital Healthcare Frontier

Many pharma companies are still unsure whether they should enter the digital healthcare market or not. However, Digital Healthcare Frontier acknowledges the significant impact of digital technologies on our lives, the answer is beyond the obvious. Although pharmaceutical companies began considering online solutions some time ago, many early efforts proved futile. The process of digitization began only after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic proved to be such a driving force that 35% of people in the pharma sector believe that it accelerated digitalization by more than five years.

Role Of Mobile Applications In the Pharmaceutical Industry

Innovations are being implemented to optimize the entire product manufacturing cycle. Telemedicine and EHR are being actively implemented in all sub-sectors of healthcare including pharma. Meanwhile, the multichannel approach has already proven its effectiveness in physician-pharma interactions.

Digital representation of a pharma-related product is a proven option to stay competitive these days. Mobile apps, as a method of this digital representation, have become an essential means for pharmaceutical companies to enter the market. However, although mobile apps have many positive benefits, improved relationships between pharma company representatives, doctors, and patients being one of them, building health-related mobile apps poses a significant challenge.

Pandemic – Full-scale mobile app adoption in pharma

And not just in pharma. The pandemic has forced some people to go digital as quickly as possible and reassured others. There is an emerging digital health sector where both patients and those in medicine have successfully found ways to adapt. This is what came out of it:

Virtual meetings strengthen relationships between both parties

According to one source, 65% of meetings between pharma representatives during the pandemic took place virtually. These figures are in stark contrast to pre-Covid data, which showed that 64% of meetings were face-to-face. What’s more, 87% of doctors were in favor of fully virtual or hybrid virtual and face-to-face meetings even after the pandemic.

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