Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat Planet Lenses


Snapchat planet are a unique way to see the solar system. Snapchat’s AR function lets users insert computer-generated planets into real-world images and videos. If you click on the planet in the augmented reality menu to add it. While in real life, the user may drag and touch it over the display to spin it. Send friends a video or photo of Earth by pressing the shutter button. Check out Snapchat’s planetary features for a fun way to learn about the solar system or to wow your friends with augmented reality.

Overview of Snapchat Planet

Users have likely tried Snapchat and Instagram’s 2016 Planet Lenses. Need to become more familiar? They provide augmented reality filters that make everything appear like another planet. The current game has four Planet Lenses: Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Earth.

Swipe left on Snapchat to access each unique experience. Which planet should you visit first? Check out this short guide to help you decide:

  • Mercury: Mercury is ideal for imagining you’re on another planet. Thin atmosphere makes it heated.
  • Venus: Venus is kinder than Mercury but still hostile. 
  • Mars: High temperatures and air density make breathing harder. But the landscape is stunning and unique in the solar system.
  • Earth: To find a new planet to investigate, Mars is preferable since it’s so like Earth.

It has plains, mountains, deserts, and polar caps. Mars has indications of past life, making it more fascinating.

What is meaning of Planet in Snapchat?

All Snapchat planets—what’s the deal? If you’ve seen a Snapchat Story, you may wonder why their bio has an extra planet next to their name. This Snapchat planets article has all the information you need. Snapchat has blue, yellow, and red planets. Snapstreak hues denote different degrees. Blue globes symbolize three-to-seven-day Snapstreaks. A yellow planet indicates an 8-14-day Snapstreak. Red planets indicate 15-day Snapstreaks.

Snapchat Planet Plus

Snapchat Plus’s planets option makes adding fun and informative data to Snaps easy. This tool lets you add planets and other cosmic phenomena to your Snap, which everyone may see. Open Snapchat and swipe left to use the camera.

Select “Planets” from the menu that shows when you click the “Plus” sign in the upper right corner. Your Snap may include many planets and other cosmic bodies. After adding anything, drag and drop it to move it.

It may be squeezed and stretched with two fingers to alter size. Click “Send” in the bottom right corner after you’re done with your Snap.

Solar System for Snapchat

Most people think of Snapchat as a platform for sharing photos and videos. Snapchat has a concealed solar system. The app’s stars and galaxies have planets if you look carefully. Launch Snapchat and slide left to reach the “Snapchat” page to view the solar system. Put your fingertips on the screen to zoom in. After adjusting your sight, swipe left to reveal the solar system. Keep zooming out (holding your fingers) to view galaxies and stars. You can spend some time in Snapchat’s limitless universe.


This post discusses Snapchat latest planet update. Snap chatters can use adorable planet emojis that move to the music in the newest edition. All eight planets have their emojis. Take a picture or video and click “add” in the upper right corner to add a planet emoji. After that, the planet emoji will be accessible. Select an emoji from the options to overlay your picture.

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